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As my sister is pregnant and closing in to delivery, she has decided to come back and live with us. Me being a heavy smoker, I started thinking, will a baby ever notice if I smoke, at first I thought No it probably won't happen. But as I deeply thought about it I came to the conclusion that YES, it would effect them negatively in every way. The reason I came to this conclusion is based on the following.

Growing Babies are very susceptible to their environment and surroundings, they adapt by learning during this critical stage. If you would like proof of this, have a look at this article which was revised by Dr. Dori ZaleZnik, medpagetoday.com on baby learning

Bearing this in mind one must realize that anything done in-front of them would effect them, both physically and mentally.

This is because this stage is critical for the baby child to learn from and you being older are seen as a raw model and both your positive and negative actions will be perceived as positive by them.

Have a look at the below video if you would like to see an experiment which shows how children learn and how they follow their teacher as a sign of TRUST.

So back to merely smoking, even smoking in-front of them might be persieved by their unconsiouss and if the smoke is inhaled this can cause a lasting-relationship that might lead them to smoke in the future.

What is a good environment

Probably the best environment I can think of is taking everyday as a learning day for them, and displaying only positive traits that will effect them positively.

I look forward to hear what you believe might be a positive environment that would be solid for an aggressively adapting baby child?

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