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How can a lizard regrow a tail and humans can't regrow parts of their body. When we were fetuses we had the ability to do so, however, after we are born this ability is disabled by the body by default. Today in Science, scientists are studying Regenerative Medicine, The ability to regrow any part of the human body and it has been done successfully.

Watch this documentry from Wired Science to have an idea on how far Science has reached.

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Dotty: Aritlces like this make life so much simpler.

Princees: Wow, I don't think I can accurately samiesyttze it like that.I used to drive a van full of children (8 or 9 kids) from day care back to the homeless shelter every day. Every day some two kids would get into an argument and for 30 minutes, sitting in traffic and playing referee was pretty rough. One day there were only 3 kids, a brother and sister who got along like gold and another boy. When the little boy started whispering and suddenly the most get-along pair I ever met were at each other's throats, I started to figure out where the trouble was coming from. I had a long talk with the culprit (who was never involved in any of these fights in any way, to all appearances) and we stopped having conflicts on the van ride.THAT is an 8 year old child with astounding emotional intelligence!References :

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