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On this video Prof. Machio Kaku a respected Theoretical Physicist discusses the difference between the three Civilization Types. A must see.

It is all about Energy, fuel and Power when categorizing the type of a civilization.

Type 1 Civilization: Capable of effectively harnessing their planetary power. They can control planetary powers such as volcanoes and wind.

Type 2 Civilization: This is Stellar. They have exhausted their planetary resources and they get their power directly from their sun.

Type 3 Civilization: This is Galactic. They have exhausted the power of their star and harness the power of more than one star in the galaxy.

Earth: We're a Type 0 Civilization because we still depend on fossil fuel as our main source of energy, However, we can predict within 100 years we will convert to type 1 civilization and this conversion is evident in our daily lives as more headlines pop up on the implementations of power plants that harness renewable energy.

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Audai E. Louri: Prof. Michio Kaku sure knows his stuff. This is one of the most knowledgeable videos I have come across. It has inspired the topic for my next blog post.

Destrie: How neat! Is it raelly this simple? You make it look easy.

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