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Question: Do the universe(s) as a whole represent one flawless mathematical equation that can't be changed and that strictly governs how the universe(s) works and where they are heading?

We are looking forward to receiving an answer to this question through Prof. Kaku and possibly backed with Current Scientific Developments.

How: Via Prof. Kaku T.V. program "Sci-Fi Science"
When: Airing on 1st September 2010
Question Asked Via: Comment on Prof. Kaku Blog
Link to Comment on Prof Kakus' Blog: Big Think

Copy of Comment which was Posted On Prof Kakus' Blog

First of all, on behalf of the ultimate minds community please allow me to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Kaku for providing us with such an opportunity. Thank you.

On Behalf of Ultimate Minds community we would like to ask the following question "Do the universe(s) as a whole represent one flawless mathematical equation that can't be changed and that strictly governs how the universe(s) works and where they are heading..."

Here in Ultimate Minds we believe that all the universes combined represent a mathematical equation that is balanced accordingly to the laws of physics and the laws of the universe.

In other words, try to change one part of the equation and the universe will respond accordingly by changing other parts and finding a way to balance itself.

Let me explain further with this very simplified example, if I was to time travel back to the past and assassinate president Bush, I might succeed, but because the laws of the universe are pre-determined and flow smoothly accordingly to the mathematical equation it is bound to follow, and because of my actions, there would be an equal and opposite reaction through the other parallel universes, where in another parallel universe President Bush would live longer and in another he would order the attack on Afghanistan and another he would order the attack on Iraq and with this response from the universe the equation is naturally balanced by the universe.

We believe that this action happens so that the universe equation balances as we can't change the laws of physics or the laws that govern the universe. For every action there must be an equal opposite reaction and since all the universes are linked and rely on one another, for that very reason no matter what I do I can't change what was destined to happen as the universe will find a way to balance the mathematical equation that governs how it works and put things back into perspective the way they were meant to flow.

I guess what i'm trying to say, if I find a way to change something (That wasn't meant to happen or not following the mathematical equation of the universe) and the universe does not respond and balance what I did, somehow this will cause a butterfly effect in the mathematical equation that governs the universe(s) and that will undoubtedly cripple all the universes as the laws which govern the universe(s) will break down because of my actions.

This is our question and we use time travel as a means to alter the mathematical equation that was bound to happen by the universe.

Is it possible that all the universes flow through one mathematical equation that is so complex beyond our comprehension and that can't be changed?

I heard once that for every action there must be an equal opposite reaction and it's only when it comes to GOD (Allah) that for every action there is no opposite reaction.

Our community would like to thank Prof. Kaku once again on this opportunity and look forward to hearing any related scientific proof or theories which may shed some light towards the validity of this question.

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Stafon: That's an itnelliengt answer to a difficult question (kisses)

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