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Just cause we are use to the one sleeping pattern (6 - 8 hours) cycle that is mostly only known to us, it isn't the only sleeping cycle that is available. As a matter of fact there are other different sleeping cycles available.

Here is a quick summary of the available two cycles

1. Monophasic sleep cycle
2. Polyphasic sleep cycles

The (Monophasic sleep cycle) is the one the majority of people follow and is continues 6 - 8 hours of sleep. The other 4 major cycles fall under (Polyphasic sleep cycles) as they involve multiple number of naps per day and each major cycle follows a different schedule.

Here is a summary of the major sleeping cycles.

Monophasic Sleep Cycle

Monophasic sleep cycleThe Monophasic Sleep Cycle is the most common sleep cycle resulting in 6 - 8 hours of sleep every day.

Uberman Sleep Cycle

Uberman sleep cycleThe Uberman Sleep Cycle is part of the Polyphasic sleep pattern and includes 6 short naps divided in intervals of 4 hours through the day resulting in 20 - 30 minutes per nap. It is said this sleep pattern achieves Lucid Dreams.

Everyman Sleep Cycle

Everyman sleep cycleThe Everyman Sleep Cycle is part of the Polyphasic sleep pattern and consists of one Core Nap followed by 20 - 30 minute naps. There are a number of variations in the number of naps taken and their duration within this pattern, but the most common being a Core of 3 hours followed by 3 20 minute naps.

Dymaxion Sleep Cycle

Dymaxion sleep cycleInvented by Bucky Fuller and probably the most extreme of all the cycles, the Dymaxion Sleep Cycle consists of 30 minute naps taken every 6 hours and results in a total of only 2 hours sleep per day!

Biphasic / Siesta Sleep Cycle

Biphasic sleep cycleThe Biphasic Sleep Cycle is common to university students and includes a 4 - 4.5 hour sleep during the night followed by a 1.5 hour nap during noon time.

What's right for me?

To identify what's the right pattern for you will really depend on your life style. Remember, during the first month you may find difficulty in changing your sleep pattern and you won't feel the change until your body copes and adapts to the changes for at least one month.

Most of the information obtained in this post was done so with thanks to High Existence on Alternate Sleep Cycles. This includes some practical experience and feedback from Jordan the webmaster of High Existence Blog.

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