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We have asked Prof. Michio Kaku a question in regard to black holes and matter that get caught in the event horizon. To understand the question we must first understand black holes and the theory is that black holes are so "powerful" due to their gravitational pull that not even light can escape a black hole. This begs the question if this is the case then does matter travel faster than the speed of light once it is caught in a black hole horizon? According to Albert Einstein nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, however, if light can't escape a black hole this can only mean that as matter gets sucked into a black hole at some point while it swirls towards the singularity it must travel faster than the speed of light. I will place a response to Prof. Kaku response once I receive it. The email that was sent is as follows, Dear Prof. Kaku, Firstly allow me to thank you for all the inspiration you have brought to me in science. I have always been a big fan of yours and of science and you were one that made things simple for me to understand. I have a question that has puzzled me in regards to black holes. I understand that there is an event Horizon around the singularity and if any object comes around this event Horizon it swirls around it until ultimately reaching the singularity. However, since light can't escape this horizon, this can only mean to me that the event horizon "Sucks in" matter faster than the speed of light, thus as matter swirls it begins to swirl in faster than the speed of light. So my question is, as matter enters the event horizon does it not swirl and then eventually travel faster than the speed of light? And if it does what is the implication towards this? I'm not a believer that traveling faster than the speed of light will allow for Time Travel to the past but I do see it breaking the current laws of physics if this is to happen. I wish you may clear this up for me and I thank you in advance for every thing. Arigato Sensi. Kind Regards, Audai E. Louri

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