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The Origins of "Ladies First"

I heard a joke that two lovers on a mountain decided to commit suicide for not being able to be together. The man said I cant bare to see you die first my love so I shall jump first. She replied jump my love and I will follow you so we can live together in eternity. Surely enough, the man jumped but after seeing the horrific graphic of death the women had a change in heart and decided its best she shouldnt jump and walked away, thus the term "Ladies First" Arose.

Doing some research I have found no definitive reliable source for the origins of Ladies First, however, four particular theories strike me to be very believable. What do you think?

1) From WAR: It is said that "Ladies First" Arose from the war time where soldiers will let the ladies go out first in order if enemies are there the ladies are shot and the men soldiers can then shoot back on the enemies in order not to loose the soldiers. Though its hard to believe that such a term can come from such a cruel contradicting story.

2) The Women and Children First: Another say this originated from the women and children first as evident with the titanic where 74% of women were saved, 52% of children were saved but only 20% of the men on the titanic survived. Source:WikiPedia on Women And Children First

3) Religion: According to Chabad.org, a site that reports on Judaism and the Torah, the "ladies first" rule is a very old tradition. The story goes that when Moses was instructed to inform the people of Israel about the Torah, he was told to "speak to the house of Jacob, and tell the sons of Israel." Since the house of Jacob appears first in the instructions, and it refers to women, the theory follows that Moses had to speak first with the ladies. Probably a smart political move.

4) Chivalry: i.e. respect and courtesy for women. It is said that in the middle ages knights were meant to defend the honor of ladies which evolved to a gentlemen to throw their coat over a puddle of mud to allow a lady to pass over it safely though it is not related directly to womens' rights per se.

Never the less today it is seen as an etiquette approach that a gentlemen always say Ladies First as a symbol of respect and a reflection of his reputable characteristics.
What do you think? Where do you think it originated in? I would like to hear what the finest minds of our community have to say about this.

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Mohanad: I'm pretty sure the whole "ladies first" When opening up a door was created by guys like me so we could check out your (by mohanad)

Yass: Is just a nice way of saying "Let me look at your ... while you walk in front of me" !

Crissy: That's a quick-wtited answer to a difficult question

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